I was invited to give a TEDWomen talk — then asked to “cut Black Lives Matter” from it

Make up by Karmen Cosmetics, custom top/cape by Aya Designs Global, both Black women owned and operated New Orleans based businesses you should support.
Watch my TEDWomen talk (published Feb 1st, 2018)
Picture of a human being often mistaken for a human jukebox.
Cowry shell ear cuff (or as my roommate calls it, my ‘African bluetooth’ because, you know, you gotta communicate with your ancestors somehow in the 21st century…) made by Dovie’s Divine.
Unfortunately, no photos show that I was wearing Spiderman socks. This may sound silly, but they were my part of my armor that night. Spiderman has always been my favorite superhero. Awkward. Shy. Unwanting of his gift…he learned early that “With great power (or in this case…platforms) come great responsibilities”. Good thing I also had on my custom made cape|cloak|jacket by Aya Designs Global

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